After featuring Nicky Savage-Samson last March, another integral member of the FNEE team steps into the spotlight. We’re delighted to introduce you to Tiohenta Lahache-McComber and her pivotal role in recruiting participants. 

Kanien’kehá:ka Heritage Identity 

Hailing from Kahnawake, Tiohenta is a proud member of the Kanien’kehá:ka (Mohawk) nation. Born and raised in her community, she briefly left to pursue college studies for two years. During her formative years, Tiohenta was fortunate to attend a Kanien’kehá (Mohawk) immersion school, where she immersed herself in her ancestral language—a practice she upholds to this day. An innate creative spirit with a profound love for visual arts, Tiohenta dedicates herself to sewing and finds joy in crafting traditional Iroquois regalia, a skill passed down from her grandmother who held the title of Clan Mother. 

A Calling to Serve the First Nations Community 

Joining First Nations Executive Education (FNEE) earlier this year, Tiohenta brings with her a Certificate in Public Administration and Governance from McGill University, coupled with robust experience in preventive child and family services at the community level. Reflecting on her journey, she shares, “My educational and professional journey is proof that we can be proud of who we are and where we come from. And if we trust in our Indigenous identities, we hold more power than we think.” 

At the Heart of an Essential Mission: Participant Recruitment 

As a participant recruitment manager, Tiohenta assumes the responsibility of amplifying FNEE’s presence across all First Nations communities and fostering avenues for individuals to nurture their careers and personal growth through the programs of the school. She also assists program managers and ensures operational support for optimal course delivery. For her, FNEE is a catalyst for unity: “First Nations Executive Education offers unique spaces for dialogue and exchange, fostering the discovery of shared values among diverse communities and nations—bridging paths that may otherwise never converge.” 

  • Meet Tiohenta 
    • Catch her in Quebec from May 14th to 16th at the 50th Anniversary Grand Summit of Indigenous Women of Quebec. 
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