We’re excited to introduce you to the dedicated members of our team who work behind the scenes to ensure the success of the First Nations Executive Education. We firmly believe that everyone plays a crucial role in this collective endeavor. Our series begins with Nicky, shedding light on his pivotal role within our ever-growing community of FNEE alumni.

Nicky Savage-Samson’s Versatile Journey

Nicky pursued communication studies at CEGEP in Arts & Letters. With an entrepreneurial spirit, he delved into event management at the age of 18, later founding a courier transportation company. A passionate musician, Nicky wears multiple hats as a music producer and sound engineer. His love for theater led him to actively participate in improvisation leagues for several years. More recently, he embarked on an entrepreneurship program at HEC Montréal, aiming for a bachelor’s degree. Nicky has been an integral part of the FNEE team since November 2022.

A Meaningful Collaboration with FNEE

Nicky, as a member of the Micmac community from Gespeg, reflects, “working with FNEE is a chance to reconnect with my roots. An urbanite wanting to learn more, Nicky seeks to deepen his Indigenous identity. Engaging with participants from diverse nations and communities enriches his cultural understanding, drawing from cherished childhood memories spent with his family in Gespeg. His role at FNEE exposes him to various professional domains, providing a holistic view of the school and enhancing his entrepreneurial skills through collaborative teamwork.

Fostering Unity as the Community Alumni Project Manager

In his capacity as the Community Alumni Project Manager, Nicky spearheads efforts to elevate participant visibility and facilitate ongoing education. FNEE is committed to showcasing the journeys of its alumni through testimonials, and the sharing of program initiatives and projects on social media platforms. By highlighting inspirational participant stories, Nicky aims to foster a sense of community pride and connection. Additionally, FNEE offers free online webinars, with topics ranging from decision-making to community engagement, to extend learning opportunities. The recent webinar on “the art of pitching” attracted 33 participants, demonstrating the eagerness within the community to engage in continuous learning.

Key Dates to Remember

  • March 27: Webinar on “decision-making,” hosted by Pierre Lainey and Fred Vicaire. Registration Link
  • April 11: Webinar on “communityship,” hosted by Jean-François Bertholet and Jolianne Ottawa. Registration Link
  • November 14-15: FNEE’s 3rd anniversary celebration at HEC Montréal

Got questions about the alumni community? Reach out to Nicky Savage-Samson at nicky.savage-samson@hec.ca