First Nations Executive Education is proud to announce that it is now entering the recruitment period for its three (3) new programs, intended for different types of clientele, while maintaining the innovative aspect of all our programs.

The program “Women and Leadership | Tooling – Training – Networking , held from October 31 to November 4, 2022 in person at HEC Montreal, will provide tools and training to Indigenous women who are emerging or who want to access executive positions, as well as to entrepreneurs, elected officials and managers, while allowing them to increase their network. The training days offer a framework conducive to networking with guest speakers and participants from the political, administrative and entrepreneurial spheres, but also through the holding of specific events allowing exchanges between women. The program “Women and Leadership – Tools – Training – Networking”, aims to promote the empowerment of Indigenous women in Quebec and to allow the emergence of the strengths of each participant as well as their uniqueness.

From November 16, 2022 to April 14, 2023, the program for managers, “Strengthen collaborative management in your organization” will allow participants to become actors of change in their various environments through a proactive and collaborative management approach. Among its many advantages, this training program offers excellent accessibility to its participants, since it is in hybrid mode.

This program aims to equip and develop the managerial skills of managers from different First Nations organizations as well as to increase their network in a framework that is conducive to networking.

Finally, the “Solidify and sharpen your entrepreneurial skills” program, intended for entrepreneurs and managers of businesses that have been established for a few years, will assist them in taking their business towards prosperous and sustainable horizons. The program, which runs from November 28, 2022 to March 31, 2023, will provide participants with additional knowledge and techniques that will help them develop and sustain their businesses. This training program offers a networking environment with guest speakers, peer-to-peer meetings, and well-known players in the Indigenous entrepreneurial community.

These three new programs as well as all other training FNEE programs are co-constructed by diversified pedagogical teams, representing both First Nations and non-Indigenous pedagogical leadership. All of FNEE’s training programs are also offered in bilingual mode via simultaneous translation, in Montreal, but also in different Indigenous communities in order to respond as closely as possible to FNEE’s mission, which is to train the First Nations leaders of today and tomorrow. For more information or to register for our new programs or existing ones, please visit the following link: