June 21st is a significant date for First Nations Executive Education (FNEE), its participants, and all First Nations individuals and communities across Canada. To mark National Indigenous Peoples Day, our team would like to acknowledge the success of leaders from our country’s rich, innovative, and inspiring First Nations; each as unique as their people.

More particularly, we wish to express our deep admiration for the commitment, dedication, and hard work of all participants who completed our programs. Each of you is a source of inspiration for our team!

Created by and for First Nations peoples, one of Canada’s 3 Indigenous nations, FNEE adopted a mission and vision to change things from its inception. But to drive that change, we need individuals who believe in the school and its programs, and apply the knowledge and insights gained in Quebec’s communities, organizations, and society at large. Those individuals play a crucial role in the path to reconciliation and our collective well-being, and we thank them for sharing part of their journey with us!

Whether they be managers, elected representatives, or entrepreneurs, their participation in FNEE and their success constitute an undeniable driving force for all Indigenous peoples. We commend their beneficial influence on their communities and thank them for presenting positive models to their peers and future generations.

We celebrate National Indigenous Peoples Day but most importantly, we want to recognize and applaud Indigenous accomplishments happening year-round. We endeavour to continue to support our participants every day so that they can shine their own light.